Tweets and Pics

I dipped a black olive in her coffee. She dipped a green olive in my serveza. The bartender thought we were madly in love ("FUCKIN' MOODS")

She reminded me of an ode to Ronsard. She did not see beyond the horizon.I was certain we could go there together and I followed her (“FUCKIN MOODS”)

What matters is to have a woman like you in my head

If I pay you doll I’d only have your skin, and I’d fast move on to another. It’s your soul that I want ( "FUCKIN'MOODS")

Give away my life for a sip of love. (FUCKIN' MOODS by SAM GAVE)

I’m having a drink, leaning at the bar.The sax plays an Elvis rhythm.She dumped me that’s all.

Open your eyes as life goes on without embracing our happiness (SAM GAVE "FUCKIN 'MOODS")

Don't forget to make your man dream as it is not enough to love him. Take off all those barbed wires so that he can look behind the horizon (Sam GAVE "FUCKIN' MOODS')

And me, what am I to you on the Richter scale?You are my difference after which I run, like the incandescent lava towards the ocean (Sam GAVE "FUCKIN' MOODS)

I’ve always been on the run without knowing what I had done wrong (FUCKIN' MOODS") SAM GAVE